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CLE: Professionalism
Presented by Judge John Acosta
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CLE: Trusts and the New Medicare Tax
This program provides you with an understanding of the new tax, how it applies to the income of trusts and estates, reporting of income, and planning techniques to minimize the tax.
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CLE: Restructuring Failed Real Estate Deals
This two-part program provides you with a roadmap to the economics, practical and legal processes, and major tax and bankruptcy issues of restructuring failed commercial real estate projects.
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CLE: Echoes of Inequality
This seminar reviews how laws riddled with inequality and exclusionary practices shaped our state today.
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CLE: Ten Ways to Address the Risk of Litigation in Documenting the Deal
This MBA Seminar will cover best practices for minimizing the risk of future litigation in documenting business transactions
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Federal judge rejects Apple's bid to ban sale of Samsung phones
Patent-infringing smartphones may continue to sell on the U.S. market, judge rules
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Number of farms is down in Central Oregon, according to census
Age of farmers rising, although younger family members may be working or managing farms owned by elders
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Five things to bear in mind for Oregon's 2014 election
Senate makeup in the air, House more stable; watch for Measure 87 and 90
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Average American's work week is 47 hours, Gallup study finds
About 39 percent reported working at least 50 hours a week, and 16 percent reported 60 hours or more
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Swelling Oregon revenues near to triggering "kicker" tax rebates
Revenue projections revised upward for the third time this year
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